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What is the main focus of this Bible study series?
This series' main focus is on exploring how Christians can live out their faith in the workplace. We will examine biblical examples and principles to understand how God calls and equips us to fulfill our professional roles with integrity and purpose.

What specific topics will be covered in the upcoming session?
In the upcoming session, we will focus on the theme "God Calls and Equips Us to Do Our Work," with a special emphasis on the story of Joseph from the Bible. We will examine how God equipped Joseph to overcome challenges and achieve His purposes.

Who is leading the Bible study sessions?
Pastor Battle and Lady Jessica lead the Bible study sessions. They provide insightful guidance and facilitate engaging discussions on integrating faith with professional life.

Is the Bible study session interactive?
Yes, the session is designed to be interactive. Participants are encouraged to engage, ask questions, and share their thoughts and experiences. This helps create a dynamic and supportive learning environment.

How can I join the Bible study session?
The Bible study session will be held via Zoom. Please check your email or contact the church office for the Zoom link and login details. Feel free to invite family and friends to join as well.

Can I invite friends and family to the Bible study?
Absolutely! We encourage you to invite family and friends, especially those who may be seeking guidance on how to live out their faith in their professional lives. This series is beneficial for anyone looking to integrate their faith with their work.

What can I expect to gain from participating in this Bible study?
Participants can expect to gain a deeper understanding of how to live out their faith in the workplace, practical insights from biblical examples, and encouragement from fellow believers. The study aims to equip you with the tools and knowledge to fulfill your professional roles with faith and integrity.