meet our team

jeremy d. battle

  • Family man. 
  • Enjoys good music of all genres, good food (especially cooked by his wife), and college football. 

farris blount III

  • A native of Houston, Texas.
  • Loves eating good food, spending time with family, and always looking for the next basketball game to watch or attend.

valerie armstrong

  • Dedicated to God, family, and church, in that order. 
  • A sports enthusiast and avid bowler. 
  • Enjoys good food and fellowship.

erikka macneal

  • Devoted wife and mother of 3. 
  • Enjoying the natural progression of life and purpose for self and others.

rosemarie massey

  • Adventurous, loves the outdoors. 
  • Try to keep up with her if you can, whether it's hiking, whitewater rafting, or bike riding.

stephan lillie

  • Loving husband, humble yet personable and bold leader with a heart for people. 
  • Living by God's amazing grace.

alan magny

  • Started playing the piano at age 3. 
  • Great passion for music and people. 
  • Elementary school PE teacher. 
  • Loves the Lord!

prince thornton

  • Went to Berklee College of Music. 
  • Born and raised in Savannah, GA. 
  • Loves traveling, good vibes, and good music.