Praying Through Painful History

Feb 4, 2024    Pastor Jeremy D. Battle

In this sermon from 1 Chronicles 4:9-10 titled “Praying Through Painful History,” Pastor Battle explores how we can keep on seeking God despite the histories that challenge our faith in God. In fact, we need to recall & recount our history because it is how we trace what God has done throughout our lives (1 Chronicles 1-4). We would not be here if not for the stories of our ancestors, and their histories ground us in what God is doing in the present. Furthermore, we must learn how to offer a prayer of intervention & contradiction (1 Chronicles 4:9-10). People will often say things to hurt or dismiss us. In these moments, we need to learn how to seek God, asking God to intervene and remind us that God calls us blessed. Finally, we must ask God to keep His hands on us (1 Chronicles 4:10). Even as we ask God for increase, we need God to keep us so that the challenges we face don’t break us. When we make this request of God, God is faithful to honor and grant our request.