Lord, There's Gotta Be Another Way!

Mar 24, 2024    Pastor Jeremy D. Battle

In this sermon titled “Lord, There’s Gotta Be Another Way” from John 12:12–16, Pastor Battle examines the notion of God's timing and our human impatience. First, we must understand God’s greatest lessons & miracles contradict your timeline, emphasizing the need to wait on God's perfect timing, even when it challenges our understanding. Secondly, we must understand that worshipping through uncertainty is essential, as well as maintaining faith and praising God even when His plans seem unclear. Pastor Battle stresses the importance of worshiping with the correct posture, reminding the congregation that worship isn't about what we receive from God but what we can offer back to Him. Ultimately, he urges the church to trust in God's timing, practice exclamatory worship, and maintain the correct posture in their relationship with Him.