Failure & Fires

Pastor Jeremy D. Battle

In Pastor Battle’s sermon titled “Failure & Fires” from Daniel 3 (a continuation of The Art & Discipline of Recovering series), he reminds us that sometimes, our recovery is not necessarily from grief or loss but from the failures we experience or the fires that threaten us. Failures are normal, and we may have to keep on serving when everything feels like it’s falling apart. In order to recover and keep moving forward, we must first remember the significance of constant faith & religious practice. Regardless of our circumstance, we need to develop the discipline of making time for God every day. Secondly, we must embrace the importance of testifying and worship - our ability to remain faithful through the fire allows others to see God through us (vs. 8-18). Finally, we must remember God’s proof and provision (vs. 18-30). We don’t have to defend God; God knows how to prove His power, will provide for you, and in doing so, will demonstrate why He is the one who makes the recovery possible.