The Art Discipline of Recovering: Whatever It Is, Don't Let It Stop You

Pastor Jeremy D. Battle

In this sermon titled "The Art & Discipline of Recovering: Don't Let It Stop You" from 1 Samuel 30:6-10, Pastor Battle reminds us that regardless of our age, where we are in life, etc. we will have to develop an art, process, and discipline of recovering after disappointments. There will be pressures in life that attempt to hold us down, but, with God, we can bounce back if we decide that we are committed to recovery. However, it’s not easy to recover, and we’ll have to encourage ourselves during times when no one else is there. David teaches us that, in order to master recovery and bounce back from big and small situations, we must first remember to seek God (vs. 7-8). Even when the battle doesn’t seem as big as a past one, seek God first anyway. We must also appreciate the lessons and principles God is teaching us (vs. 8). Finally, David had the audacity to not lose sight of the future and the promises God made to him about his future kingship (vs. 9-10). We can continue to worship God in our situations because we have our futures in mind and know Who holds that future.