Pressing Through Low Moments

Jan 28, 2024    Pastor Jeremy D. Battle

In this sermon titled “Pressing Through Low Moments” from Judges 6:11-15 & 7, Pastor Battle reminds us that although life is filled with low moments, we must still find a way to keep going, trusting that God is with us and can get the glory even in the midst of our challenges. To experience God in these moments and press onward, we must increase our personal faith (Jud. 6:11-14). We have to find ways, even as we struggle with doubt and disbelief, to trust God and go in the strength that God has given us. We must also tear down bad religion (Jud. 6:11-14), realizing that sometimes if God is going to do something great, God will have to get rid of some false idols in our lives. Finally, to keep going, we must receive the blessings from godly decreases (Judges 7). God will often decrease resources in our lives to help us see how God is providing for us every step of the way, eliminating the spirit of fear in the process.