The Art & Discipline of Recovering

Pastor Jeremy D. Battle

In this sermon titled “The Art & Discipline of Recovering” from 1 Samuel 30:1-31, Pastor Battle reminds us that as we face loss and difficulties in life, we must learn how to recover - we can, in fact, recover if we have the discipline and focus to do so. In order to recover, we must first give ourselves time to mourn & acknowledge that life has disappointed and hurt us; otherwise, we may not find healthy outlets for our pain (v.4). We must then encourage and strengthen ourselves and pray for strategies that God approves, as God has the resources for us to recover what we have lost (vs. 6-8). Finally, if we’re going to recover, we must actually do the work - we must encourage and strengthen ourselves to fight, recover, and share everything (vs. 9-31). However, we must not forget to pursue God in this process for God will give us the strength to keep fighting as we work to restore what we’ve lost.