God, Keep Your Hands On Me (Pt. 3)

Aug 27, 2023    Min. Farris Blount III

In this final sermon from the book of Jonah (Jonah 4:1-11) in the series titled “God, Keep Your Hands On Me,” Min. Farris Blount, III examines what our response should be when we follow God and the results are not what we anticipated, expected, or believe should happen. When such realities occur, we should first focus on the obedience, not the outcome (Jon. 4:1-4); God has not called us to be concerned with what happens or what God decides to do but rather to follow the instructions that God gives us. Secondly, we must learn to keep moving (Jon. 4:5). What God doesn’t do can, if we are not careful, keep us stuck in the past when God is telling us to move forward. Finally, we must learn to embrace the internal work of God and understand that even when God does what we did not expect, God is always trying to grow and prepare us internally for whatever we will experience (Jon. 4:6-11).