The Power Of Forgiveness, Pt. 2

Nov 26, 2023    Pastor Jeremy D. Battle

In this next sermon from Jonah titled “The Power Of Forgiveness,” Pastor Battle continues to explore what forgiveness looks like for the believer. More specifically, he reminds us that we are often being called into and through conflict; as followers of Jesus, God has called us to deal with people and situations we would rather ignore so that God’s goodness can be revealed. If we are not careful, we will encounter problems when we avoid God’s plan (Jonah 1-2) - we will face storms of our own making by “running away” from what God calls us to confront. In fact, we are called to offer and participate in repentance (Jonah 1-2). Just like Jonah, God wants us to share our faith so that others have the opportunity to change as we are also transformed in the process. By participating in this exchange, we will be able to celebrate God’s radical response to our belief and repentance (Jonah 3:5-10). God will restore and redeem us when we choose to turn back to God.