Lessons From The Prophets: Realizing Visions

Oct 8, 2023    Pastor Jeremy D. Battle

In this next sermon from the series "Lessons From The Prophets," Pastor Battle explores Habakkuk 2 to help us understand the vision God has for us. Whenever we are realizing God’s vision, we have to write it and make it plain (Hab. 2:2). Secondly, until we write it down, we cannot run well. We must read and run, which is a declaration that the vision will not come to fruition unless we work to achieve it (Hab. 2:2). We must seize the moment that God has placed before us. If we don’t write it down and seize the moment that God has given us, we will miss it. We must remember that the vision is for an appointed time (Hab. 2:3). Finally, we must remember and celebrate that God does not lie. If God has given and promised us a vision, it will be done (Hab. 2:3).