Lessons From The Prophets

Sep 24, 2023    Pastor Jeremy D. Battle

In this next sermon in the “Lessons From The Prophets” sermon series, Pastor Battle preaches from Haggai 1 & 2 to illustrate how the prophet helps us not to underestimate or undervalue what God is doing. To avoid underestimating what God is doing, he cautions us to stop & take inventory; if we pause to really look at what God is up to, God will move us from futility and frustration to fulfillment (Hag. 1:3-11). When we stop to take inventory, this should lead us to try (trust) God, understanding that when trust God, God will demonstrate God’s power and give us what we need to do the work (Hag. 1:12-15). Furthermore, when we try God, we will see God’s seal of authority (Hag. 2:20-23). We will be living proof that God’s hands are on us; we become God’s stamp of approval.