Lessons From The Prophets: Thug It Out

Dec 3, 2023    Min. Micah Washington

In this sermon from our ministry intern titled “Lessons From The Prophets: Thug It Out,” Min. Micah Washington preaches from Micah 7:7 to examine how the prophet encourages us to keep going in life even when we struggle with stress, anxiety, and life’s challenges. Micah reminds us we should not stop praying nor lose hope; it may seem like God is quiet, but it is during these moments that we must keep praying, believing that God hears and will respond to our concerns. We must also not allow life’s low points to define our future. Our difficult and dark moments don’t define us. Rather, God can often prepare us through these experiences for the call God has on our lives. Finally, we must not allow time to make us doubt what God already promised. We must wait and demonstrate patience, but we can endure because God has promised that He is working all things together for our good.